Transparent Cloud Migration SDK


In the face of rapid data growth, cloud storage offers enterprises the opportunity to reduce not only the capital costs of purchasing storage but also the operational costs of managing it. More and more companies want to migrate their existing applications to the cloud environment, however without affecting the original data infrastructure, it not only needs to invest a lot of money, but also needs to overcome the technology difficulty.

There are a lot of challenges to move your current business to the cloud without affecting your existing infrastructure, your application might rely on the local active directory for the security check, local IP address check, DNS entries check, only can access the files in specific local folders.

Transparent Data Migration to the Cloud

Data migration is the process of moving the on-premises data to the cloud. The key consideration of the data migration is the interruption of the business data access and the current application adaption of the cloud data. With the CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK you can integrate your existing on-premises applications with the remote cloud storage infrastructure in a seamless, secure, and transparent fashion. There is no interruption to migrate your on-premise files to the remote cloud storage, so you don’t need to change your existing applications and infrastructure.

After the file was migrated to the cloud, a stub file will be created. A stub file looks and acts like a regular file, it has the same file attributes with the original file (file size, creation time, last write time, last access time), it also keeps the original file’s security. A stub file can embed with your custom tag data. A stub file doesn’t take the storage space as below figure.

stub file

CloudTier Automated Storage Tiering

Automated storage tiering (also Hierarchical Storage Management, HSM) is a data storage technique that automatically moves data between high-cost and low-cost storage media, is the automated progression or demotion of data across different tiers of storage devices and media.

The CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK provides you an automatic way of managing and distributing data between the different storage, allows the automated data movement between the tiers of storage based on the defined rules and policies.

cloudtier sdk

Integrating Cloud Storage as a Second Tier

CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK was implemented with tiered storage file system filter driver. A file system filter driver intercepts requests targeted at a file system or another file system filter driver. With the ClooudTier Storage Tiering, you can connect the cloud storage as a second tier, seamless as a local on-premise storage, your application can use the cloud storage just like the local storage without any changes.

No application change needed. With the CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK, it can help you to eliminate these risks. You don’t need to redesign your application, you don’t need to worry about the integration of cloud storage with your application. You don’t need to create the extra network drive to access the cloud storage for your application, you can keep the same local directory structure to access the cloud storage.

No network change needed.  With the CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK, you don’t need to change your current network infrastructure, your security access control remains the same, there are no change for your users to access your application, still keep the same IP address, the same active directory setting, the same DNS setting. The CloudTier Storage Tiering integrates with the local file system, it can help you to remain the same access methods and security solution.

Dynamic Retrieval of Archived Data

Once the file was migrated to the cloud, it is very important to user to retrieve the cloud file in a fast and simple way. With the CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK, the CloudTier can retrieve the cloud file dynamically and return the data back to the application transparently. You can rehydrate the file automatically and it is completely transparent to the application or user.

archived data

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